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Modern geology education in Kharazmi University started in 1929 as part of natural science department established by Dr. Abdolkarim Gharib known as "father of modern geology" in Iran. By expanding teaching and research activities in 1974 it promoted to the geology department and in 2013 to the Faculty of Earth Sciences. Faculty of Earth Sciences consists of three departments of Geochemistry, Basic Geology and Applied Geology, ranked among top Earth Science Faculties in Iran with outstanding, reputable and influential academics such as Prof. Ebrahim Amin Sobhani; Prof. Abdolmajid Yagoubpour; Prof. Hossein Moein Vaziri, Dr. Javad Elyasi; Dr. Sirous Parsi; Dr. Yagoub Lasemi and many others. Throughout its history as Natural Science, Faculty of Basic Sciences and now Faculty of Earth Science it have educated many outstanding geologists working as academics in other universities, teachers in Ministry of Education and industries i.e. geological survey of Iran, Ministry of Petroleum and major private companies. Our undergraduate and postgraduate are known for having a strong foundation and background across the geosciences fields. The major researches are in Mineralogy and Petrology, Economic Geology, Environmental Geology, Sedimentary Geology, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics and Palynology and Micropalaentology. The Faculty has continued to grow in student and staff numbers, in physical infrastructures and facilities as well as in broadening and advancing academic programs. Equipment and facilities in the Faculty are including sample preparation workshop, optical microscopy Labs, Philips PW2404 WD-XRF, Linkham fluid inclusion Microtermometry mounted on Zeiss Axioplan research microscope, Spectro ICP-OES and Scanning Electron Microscope.